Nature's Therapies & Coronavirus - Covid-19

During this time of uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, I want to provide my clients with as much information as possible in terms of present and future appointments with myself.

I will try to keep this page updated as best I can in relation to latest government information.

**Appointments are still very much available for behavioural consults & training 121's.** 

These are available in person or via video call (Whatsapp/ Zoom/ Skype/ Facebook).


Video call appointments - The layout and duration and quality of your appointment will not change - I will simply just be there virtually rather than physically and the feedback from clients who have had video call appointments is that they love them!

**Mixed ability dog training classes are also still continuing to run**

They are done virtually via video call on Zoom 6-7pm every Thursday - you will be sent the link each week once you have confirmed your attendance and paid via bank transfer. These online sessions work really well as you can see and interact with the other class members and their dogs, as well as learning from me!

**Reiki therapy appointments available in person for both animals & people**

This meets with the new national restrictions set out by the government which can be found on their official website:

I will monitor the rules daily, including the list of business closures:

**You can leave home “for work or providing voluntary or charitable services, where it is unreasonable to do so from home. This can include work in other peoples homes where necessary." “You can continue to exercise with one other person. This should be limited to once per day and you should not travel outside of your local area. Stay 2 meters apart” **

Due to the above guidelines that allow Nature's Therapies to continue to operate safely during lockdown, all in person appointments will be conducted outside, unless the behaviour/ training problem is directly linked to being inside the home and it is recommended that your session with me be counted as your once a day exercise and will be done in your local area.

I have always maintained a 48 hour notice for cancellations without charge and will continue to do so. I am a small business, reliant on my clients income and late notice cancellations cripple me financially.

Sadly at this time our Supported Social Walks cannot take place as per government guidelines, however I will update you as soon as we are told it is safe to start them again.

Please continue to support your small local businesses as best you can during this time, to help them stay open & running.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to support you the best I can during this anxious time.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time - Liz Marden, Animal Behaviourist, Reiki practitioner & owner of Nature's Therapies.
(5th January 2021) 

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Liz Marden BSc(Hons) C.A.B. C.C.B C.A.T C.C.T

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