Dog Training Classes

Mixed ability dog training class at Shebbear Village Hall!

Classes take place every Thursday evening from 6:30-7:15pm unless stated otherwise by Liz via the Facebook group/ booking system.

£10 per week pay as you go.

The classes are designed to be come and pay as you go, meaning that you do not have to commit to every week or pay a large up front sum in order to take part.

However registration to join the classes is essential and you will need to let Liz know if you are coming each week via the Facebook group to ensure that the class does not become over booked - 10 dogs maximum for the hall size.


What will I learn?

As these classes are mixed ability, everyone of all levels, beginner to advanced is welcome.

The classes will follow a similar format each week but will cover different things from basic obedience to trick training and always with the aim of being fun for you and your dogs!

Each week will contain the following:

  • Warm up - getting your dogs ready to learn

  • Main - Liz teaching you 

  • Own time - time to work on your own specific goal with Liz coming around to help

  • Cool down - relaxing time for your dogs to calm down and unwind

  • Questions - Liz will always leave a few minutes at the end for any questions.

If you have something in particular that you would like to learn with your dog then please do let Liz know and she can incorporate it into the sessions.


Registration is essential if you wish to join these classes.

You can register by filling out the registration form and reading the terms & conditions via the links provided on this page. Once complete you need to email your form to: 

Once Liz has received your form she will send you the link to join the Facebook group for these classes.

Alternatively you can email Liz at and request for the forms to be emailed to you, or call 07738 268400 to speak with Liz directly. 

Facebook group

Once Liz has received our registration form she will send you the link to join the Facebook group that has been created for theses classes.

This is where Liz will check to see who is coming each week, so please do comment accordingly.

It is also where Liz will post any information relevant to the classes such as if a class is cancelled for any reason or if you need to know anything about the village hall.


You can also use this group as a social platform to chat with other class mates, share your pictures, stories of your training and ask questions.

Don't have a Facebook account? Don't panic, just let Liz know so that she can make sure to email you any relevant information and be sure to let her know each week whether you intent to come to the classes so that she can monitor numbers.